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Final reports from the Centers will be posted throughout 2005 and into 2006.
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Special Issue of the International Journal of Remote Sensing
on EaGLe remote sensing activies for coastal indicator development,
funded jointly by EPA STAR and NASA

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2005 vol 26 #23 edited by Xiaojun Yang.

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Or click here for the journal website.

Indicator highlights: The Centers are producing brochures highlighting their indicators. Click below to download a copy. Printed versions are available upon request from the EaGLe program coordinator.

Overview of an integrated index of environmental stressors for the U.S. Great Lakes coastline
Large (3 mb PDF)
Small (300 kb PDF)



Overview of Cheasapeake Bay area indicators from the Atlantic Slope group (1.3 Mb PDF file)

Overview of Atlantic estuaries indicators from the Atlantic coastal estuaries group (1.5 Mb PDF file)



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